Sabina Ddumba: “Small World”

By: James Brookes
July 29, 2018

She has incredible taste in fashion AND music. Prepare yourself for the latest by soul/pop artist Sabina Ddumba!

With riveting emotion dripping from every lyric comes the latest from Sabina Ddumba. Titled, “Small World” her new groove will have you entangled within moments. The beat is simple and effective, letting the vocal shine bright. By the time you get to the hook, it’s ALLLLL over. You’ll be dancing to the beat and having this one on repeat. Uniquely, Sabina plays on the dichotomy of a lonely emotion when surround be a vast number of individuals. The same symbology is presented when things seem like a big world, but are yet very small once we open our eyes. We’ve added “Small World” to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week! Listen to it below OR purchase your copy on iTunes!

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