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S7even7: “Long Live Dion n Danny”

By: Eric Reyes
April 07, 2020

There’s a distinct character to the latest track dropped by S7even7. “LLDD” plays like an emotional surrender to life, if not the life chosen by our resolute but morose lyricist. A road traveled often, too often, but traveled nonetheless. 

The beat is steady and subtle, backed by heartfelt sighs showing the artist’s ability to spread his vocal range. Where other acts might lean on vocal modulation as a crutch, a shortcut to a hot track, here it is used as an additional measure of the song’s vibe. The mix and sampling is a part of the whole, maintaining the elevated emotional state of the song’s content. 

“LLDD” is reminiscent of a mantra for a lost cause. The players know the outcome, they know the routine, they know what it takes to live this life. But live the life they do, with the absolution acceptance brings with it. 

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