Ryan Hagan: “Don’t Let Me Stop”

By: Eric Reyes
April 24, 2021

Ryan Hagan’s vocal performance is front and center in his latest release, “Don’t Let Me Stop.”

The beat is steady but subdued in intensity. It allows Ryan Hagan to really build the atmosphere of the piece, the addition of electronic claps bringing the minimalist backing into more prominence, but still second to the song, the lyrics.

The simplicity of the mix allows for the lyrics to really express themselves. A message of nervous vulnerability finding the spark and wanting to overcome that vulnerability. Seeking a genuine connection and acknowledging your own faults when it comes to commitment and relationships, but still striving for that elusive connection. This hits so close to home I should get a writing credit.

Ryan Hagan’s bright vocal profile really works for me here. He doesn’t sacrifice lyrical content or strain his range, he works entirely within the bounds of the emotional through-line of the track. In fact, this tune is one of our new favorites because of Hagan’s true candor.

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