Ryan Farish: “Solstice”

By: Tiare Pito
July 11, 2022

Ryan Farish’s new song “Solstice” is an emotional piece that is more art than mere song. Evoking feelings of wonder and freedom, it is sure to impress! If you are looking for something a little magical, and full of positivity, then this is the song for you!

“Solstice” is an instrumental composition taken from Farish’s album of the same name. Drawing inspiration from songs such as “Northern Lights” and “Fireflies,” Farish manages to evoke just as much emotion as these, whilst still managing to keep ‘Solstice’ unique and true to his own musical identity. 

“Solstice” is delicately composed, with each and every aspect working together harmoniously. The soft, gentle nature of this song have a soothing yet simultaneously stimulating effect, and work to inspire awe in listeners. It is this ability to touch and connect with listeners so effortlessly that makes it such a successful composition. Its is a true joy to listen to.

Ryan Farish has won us over with “Solstice.” Be sure to give the rest of the album a listen, as it is all just as sure to impress!

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