Ryan Carmello: “After the Game”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 07, 2022

Ryan Carmello is celebrating with his new single “After the Game.” 

It’s a sweet love story between a football wide receiver and a cheerleader.  The descriptive lyrics paint the picture of how the two started their budding romance at the high school football games.  Carmello’s honest vocals express the joy behind the words as he reminisces about the start of the relationship.  The happy, upbeat track evokes a smile from the listener.  The feel-good song sounds like a plot from a romantic teen movie, but it’s something personal to the NY based singer.  He who wrote it about his current love.  He said in an Instagram post that the song is “a story of an athlete and a cheerleader meeting in high school.”  He added,“I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I had writing this song. As always, a huge thank you to my man @mannixmannixmannix for bringing the song to life. Also, thank you @emilyywaterss … 7 years later, I’m still ‘winning after the game’.”

“After the Game” is the fourth single Carmello released this year.  His other singles are “Another One Down,” “If I Got You” and “Lettin’ Loose.”

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