Running Lights: “Speechless”

By: Jared Free
July 14, 2019

Running Lights expand on their expertly crafted synth-pop stadium pop with their latest track, “Speechless.” Listen to it below.

Spacey synths and dreamy vocals are the main draw for “Speechless” from Running Lights. Lead singer Mike Squillante’s agile voice bounces around and over a gorgeously textured synth composition. When the chorus comes around, we’re treated to marching style drums that drive the beat right into your head. This track is perfect for your summer driving playlist—and must be played with your windows down! The light harmonies that come in to support Squillante’s impressive falsetto moments are totally captivating. The initial vocal sample’s echoes at the end give the song a melancholic twist, as well as addictive replay value. 

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