RtwoG2 (Feat Ariana): “One Chance”

By: Ico Beltran
December 28, 2020

โ€œOne Chanceโ€ is a magical song that blurs the line between the genres of contemporary dream pop and dance pop.

This new single from RtwoG2 is sprinkled with hazed ambient textures that are concentrated in the atmosphere. The vocals of Ariana (not to be confused with Ariana Grande) follow closely to a watered-down R&B singer. But donโ€™t let this description of Ariana turn you away. Arianaโ€™s vocals complement RtwoG2โ€™s aquatic production; they swim through the bubbling, hydrous samples and feel at ease in the environment. RtwoG2โ€™s tropical electronics immediately suck listeners into a whirlpool of currents and bubbles. Elements of dream pop create a translucent wall of sound between the listener and Ariana. Such an experience parallels to that of a mermaid attracting nearby sailors; Arianaโ€™s seductive voice drags listeners into an ocean of pleasant internal waves.

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