Rt5: “Cold Hearted”

By: Eric Reyes
March 31, 2021

Young heartthrobs and earnest up-and-comers Rt5 pour it all out in their latest release, β€œCold Hearted.”

Laying down great lyrics that speak to feelings and experiences beyond the years of the group, the song departs from clichΓ©s and relies on the power of their own performance and verse. Utilizing their natural vocal talent to their utmost and harmonizing angelically, the group does not leave gaps. There’s no grasping for straws to plug up holes where meaningful content would go.

Speaking to the confusion and hurt many people have felt at sometime in their lives, they grasp this pain well and deliver a great evocation. Painting an image of this heartbreaker and how they played with the hearts and emotions of our lovesick narrators, the story of the song is personal, almost personified.

This is a group to keep an eye on, and their ongoing hope to uplift and entertain people in the wake of the pandemic is admirable. .

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