Rony Rex ft. SACRE: “Awake me”

By: Tiare Pito
October 18, 2021

Teaming up with SACRE to create a haunting piece that instantly captures listeners, Finnish producer Rony Rex has entranced us all with his new single “Awake Me”.

Utilising meaningful lyrics that couple perfectly with the ambient sound, listeners are left with a sense of impending danger. “Awake Me” features SACRE singing with a self awareness of the danger one may pose to others. As the song progresses, the danger we are introduced to only continues to build. It is in fact the very level of self awareness of the danger we may pose to others that makes this song feel so dark. Yet, in spite of the knowledge of danger, there is something incredibly tempting about it; as listeners, we do not feel compelled to escape, rather, to learn more and draw closer to the source of danger.

Adding to these alluring lyrics is the intense instrumental component. Rex has managed to combine energetic percussions and deep, evocative synths in a way that furthers the atmospheric nature of the song. They convey the tension and energy that builds as “Awake Me” progresses.

With the release of such a deliciously dark song, we are excited to see what Rex has to offer next!

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