Rodney Hazard:Β  “Lean Back”

By: James Brookes
March 01, 2022

Rodney Hazard has a vibalicious new tune for your ears, Gas Maskers! Check it out below.

Finding downtempo/minimal artists that are captivating is tough; it’s like scouring the globe for diamonds. They’re rarely found, BUT lucky for you, Hazard is here to bless you with his latest track called, “Lean Back.” The track has easy-going tones and vocal samples that keep you in a daze, while relaxing your mind. In fact, we’ve been playing it all morning in the Gas Mask HQ.

Fresh off of his EP titled, Sandcastles, Hazard brings his methodical beats to the surface while keeping the feeling chill. The overall EP was inspired by Hazard’s worldwide travels juxtaposed to the reigning pandemic that has kept the entire population hostage for, now, years. We don’t normally share entire EPs, but this one is well worth the listen. That said, check out all six tracks below. Spoiler: “Attitude” is one of our favorites!

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