Robert Grace:  “Break the Silence”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 08, 2021

Robert Grace admits that even though he doesn’t want to talk, a little alcohol could “Break the Silence.” 

As Grace says in his tweet, the track is “about calling the person you really shouldn’t call.”  It’s one of those very relatable situations where a person is hurt from a breakup and can’t get over the feelings he/she had during the relationship.  He/she is tempted to and pick up the phone and call, but knows it’s a bad idea.   Grace’s smooth flow and passionate vocals bring emotion to the track.  The cool beat gives the song that danceable touch.  The video for “Break the Silence” features a couple expressing their love and frustration through dance as well as an impressive pile of old school phones. 

Grace is a singer, songwriter and producer from Kilkenny, Ireland.  He’s scheduled to hit the road on a tour of his home country in November.

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