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Rob Drabkin: “Love Ends, Fear Begins”

By: Travis Ram
February 4, 2018

Indie pop artist Rob Drabkin releases a powerful new track full of wonder and soul. Read all about it below, Gas Maskers.

Denver based artist, Rob Drabkin, breaks out of his standard folk style to bring us “Love Ends, Fear Begins.” This is a full and powerful track packed with emotion and soul. With authentic lyrics, shining vocal quality and eerie synths, this track gives us all kinds of Postal Service vibes (which we desperately need). This song has a dark, yet hopeful tone—making it an intriguing listen and too gorgeous to ignore.

Stream “Love Ends, Fear Begins” here. Don’t forget to purchase your copy on iTunes today. Digging the latest from Rob? Hit us up on social media at:  @GasMaskMagazine.