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Ring The Alarm: “Pity Party”

By: Tiare Pito
July 09, 2022

Ring The Alarm have just released a new single, and we are obsessed! “Pity Party” is an empowering anthem for those that have left behind unhealthy relationships and toxic people. You will NOT be disappointed with this absolute banger!

Unapologetic in the decision to not take back a past lover, ‘Pity Party’ explores this experience. It is perhaps this element of standing strong and not giving in to a past lover that entices listeners so easily- there is something incredibly alluring about a person that knows their worth. Someone that knows not to let old, unhealthy relationships back into their life. 

Additionally, “Pity Party” is very easy on the ears. Delivered to us on silky smooth vocals, these are further enhanced with sensual, flawless harmonies. The relaxed, moody instrumentals compliment the vocals perfectly and combine to create an atmospheric, enigmatic listening experience. 

We have completely fallen for ‘Pity Party’, and stand by its message! Ring The Alarm brought their A-game, and we couldn’t ask for more!

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