Rico Love x WifeyBaby: “Unholy Matrimony”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 22, 2021

WifeyBaby and producer Rico Love joined together for “Unholy Matrimony.” 

The beginning notes will take you to church but after that, be prepared for some explicit lyrics to kick in that you would never hear in a house of worship.  In the song, WifeyBaby expresses her anger over a man she cared for who ended up impregnating another woman.  She spits lyrics of love and betrayal that really paint a picture of what she was going through.  She took her real life heartbreak and turned it into music.  Two days before she was supposed to be married, she received text messages telling her about her fiancé’s elicit affairs. 

As Rico Love explained on Instagram, “She showed up to the studio, wearing the dress she was supposed to wear down the aisle and she wrote songs all night! She poured her heart out and was so brutally honest, even about details most people would be embarrassed to admit!“  One of the tracks she wrote that night was “Unholy Matrimony.” 

WifeyBaby recorded the video in that same dress that she was supposed to be wearing at her wedding.

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