Richard Lynch: “Country Music Isn’t Country Anymore”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 17, 2018

Is country music changing for better or for worse? Richard Lynch has a few thoughts with his new track.

Many musical classics have been born out of the country genre, and over the last twenty years country seems to have adopted a new sound and a new attitude. Reminiscing on days of country music past, Richard Lynch releases a nostalgic song about the progression of country music and where time has taken the genre. “Country Music Isn’t Country Anymore” is both traditional and classic in terms of song structure and lyrical quality, but Lynch’s rolling voice is the true driving force behind the song. Beautiful and reflective, this is a heartbreaking ballad of a genre that is taking on a new face while some of us are trying so desperately to cling to the past. This is a new track for Lynch tacked onto a very long list of other critically acclaimed hits. We have no doubt that β€œCountry Music Isn’t Country Anymore” will surely become a staple in Lynch’s repertoire.

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