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Ricci Paolo takes us to Sunset in his new single!

By: Princess Carroll
August 06, 2020

Kristina Menissov’s music video for “Taking Over LA” shows us the highs and lows of life in Los Angeles. From overcrowded apartments to pics with a cardboard DJ Khaled, the model-turned-singer shows us that moving to LA isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The video does an exceptional job at juxtaposing the shallow allure of beauty against the harsh realities of life in the big city. While it is a reality check, the video conveys its message in a humorous way that encourages dreamers. At the end, we see our protagonist win as she finally gets her life of luxury. Humor and messaging aside, the video has a cast of beautiful and diverse women. Representation matters and fans should have no problem seeing themselves in one of these ladies.

Of Ethiopian descent, Kristina Menissov was born and raised in Kazakhstan. The multi-talented singer rose to fame as a model; from runways to Tyga’s music video for “Ibiza”, you’ve probably seen her face throughout the industry. While we know she’s a phenomenal artist, she’s also made her mark as a philanthropist. She’s an annual supporter of the “Babes In Toyland” charity event, supporting our troops!

Kristina’s about to run Los Angeles and we can’t wait! Check out the new music video below! Feel free to connect with our reviewer Princess on all socials (@PrincessCTV)

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