REST ACRES: “I Remember”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 25, 2020

Future bass artist REST ACRES will blow you away with their explosive debut track, “I Remember.”

Atmospheric synths and echoing orchestral instrumentals kick off this track as the singer’s breathy, angelic vocals swell with emotion. Soon after, crashing beat drops and bass drums catapult this EDM track to new heights. The intimate lyrics feel like we’re listening to a love letter being read aloud to us. Sharing intimate details of a relationship gone by, the singer can’t shake this restless yearning she has for her ex-lover. Haunted by the memories of her lover’s previous compassion she asks, “I remember how you told me that you care/Don’t you care?” 

The melancholy tone of these moody lyrics is quickly uplifted with REST ACRE’s grandiose production style. Clearly some love and passion linger in the artist’s heart with this upbeat and soaring melody. The singer’s voice is enhanced with ghostly auto-tune so that her words echo long after they leave her lips. “I Remember” will whisk you away down memory lane and leave chills tingling down your spine––so close your eyes and listen closely.

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