Renn x Deraj: “Fire to My Brain”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 25, 2021

Ren and Deraj just wow, let’s start there. This song has me in love with alternative pop.

Rens vocals are out of this world! You can feel his emotions and the talent are unmatched to any independent dropping these vibes right now. The sound is effortlessly recorded, as if the words and expression of self were waiting to get out of his body.

This song will have you screaming it at the top of you lungs. Deraj the feat. on this single, executed his performance immaculately. His warm and deep tone of voice comes in heavy and strong. A beautiful change of frequency that balances out Rens more high emotional frequency, with a low mellow emotional frequency. This single deserves to be played on the radio and saved on anyones playlists. If you’re in need of a motivational pick me up but in the backward sense, this is the song to get you going.

“Fire to my brain” is a song of self frustration and you can hear it in both artists truth and rendition of their perspectives pertaining to the inspiration. Go listen to this amazing tune right now !

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