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Rayne: “Is it Cool if We’re Lonely”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 06, 2021

At a time when people are itching to get out and socialize, Rayne wants to know “Is it Cool if We’re Lonely?” 

The dark-pop track is a bit of a love song about wanting to only spend time with one person.  Even with the dark undertones, the music will have you swaying and tapping to the beat. 

Rayne’s vocals add a cool, sweetness to the track.  By listening to the song and lyrics, you wouldn’t know that the Canadian singer-songwriter is only 19-years-old.  She told Guitar Girl Magazine about the writing process for the song saying, My favorite song on the EP is ‘Is It Cool If We’re Lonely’, which I wrote with Tavish (Crowe) over Zoom.  It’s the fastest written song to be featured on ‘False Love’ as we had entirely finished writing it in less than two hours.”  She added, “As soon as Tavish sent over the demo, I immediately knew I wanted this song on the EP.

It’s slightly more dark-pop than all of my prior releases, but it’s a direction that I very much see myself shifting into in the future.”  “Is It Cool If We’re Lonely” is a track on Rayne’s recently released album, ‘False Love.’ 

You can check out the EP on a variety of streaming services and on iTunes.

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