By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 22, 2021

Rags and Riches is bringing light to the “Darkest Hour” with their latest single. 

The song is about being prepared for what is to come.  Even though there are hardships, with faith, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The track’s dark music and undertones are complemented by the group’s haunting vocals. 

The movie-like video for “Darkest Hour” transports viewers to the Wild West with opening sound effects to boot.  The Western is a recurring theme for Rags and Riches.  They have had bandana wearing, gun slinging outlaws in a few of their videos (“Bet On Me,” “Outlaw” and “Crossfire”) this year.  The pop-rock duo from Kentucky, which is made up of brothers Peyton and Tanner Whitt, were very involved in the making of the video.  The two were Executive Producers and also co-wrote the story with Ashton Johnson and Jonah Fryrear.  Peyton directed the video.

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