R3HAB x Jonas Blue (feat. Ava Max x Kylie Contrall): “Sad Boy”

By: Fay Rose
September 22, 2021

Four talented artists collaborate on the exhilarating new electro-pop dance single, “Sad Boy.”

The song features a uniquely arranged mix of sounds surrounded by a hypnotic rhythm that will keep spinning in your head. “I go I go I go out of my head. Solo loco in my bed.”

That’s just a fun little snippet of the equally engaging lyrics that move swiftly along with the beat.

The electronic sounds of “Sad Boy” are a joint effort between R3HAB and Jonas Blue. R3HAB, aka Fadil El Ghoul, is a Moroccan Dutch DJ and record producer from Breda. Jonas Blue, aka Guy James Robin, is an English DJ, songwriter and record producer based in London.

The featured vocals are shared between Ava Max and Kylie Contrall, who both have their individual moments in the spotlight. Ava Max is the popular singer-songwriter with mega hits like “Sweet but Psycho” and “Kings and Queens.” Los Angeles native Kylie Contrall is a singer, Disney channel star and YouTuber with the series sensation, “Hello Kylie,” featured on her YouTube channel.  

I’m excited to hear what’s next on the musical journey of these amazing artists. Listen to “Sad Boy” now and add it to your dance playlist.

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