R3HAB x Gabry Ponte: “The Portrait”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

“The Portrait” is a mysterious and haunting new electro dance track single that will leave you saying, “oh la la.”

There’s a whole creepy vibe going on in “The Portrait,” from the ominous basslines to the unusual vocals. Everything about this song is so unique, it’s hard to figure out if you love it or not. Before you can decide, the lyrical chorus of “Oh la la la la la la” will be echoing in your head.

“The Portrait” is a collaboration between Moroccan-Dutch DJ/producer R3hab and Italian producer Gabry Ponte. Together they created a very original work of art. Hence, I’m assuming, is the reason for the title, “The Portrait.”

R3hab will be one of the performers taking part in EDC Las Vegas 2021 on October 21st-24th.

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