Quinn Lewis: “Pushing All My Friends Away”

By: Blair Cache
April 23, 2019

Wanderlust superstar Quinn Lewis has a brand new jam that’ll make you think, dance, and sing along. Check out what we thought about “Pushing All My Friends Away” below!

Australia native Quinn Lewis has lived all over the world and has countless songs in his heart. His most recent track, “Pushing All My Friends Away” certainly came from the depths of his heart and has absolutely touched ours in the Gas Mask HQ. With acoustic tones, island vibes, and a dream voice that sounds like Adam Levine meets Robin Thicke, “Pushing All My Friends Away” paints an emotional portrait of insecurity; of making something out of nothing and the aftermath of that state of being. You’ll find yourself grooving your way through this track, but might wonder why, and to answer that we must point out Lewis’ masterful marrying of lyrics to composition. The juxtaposition of the chill sounds lifting up these emotional lyrics is an interesting and perfect choice. We almost feel that it’s like saying, “Yes, this is a tough place to be, but dance your way through it. You will heal and be better and stronger.” We are absolutely loving this jam and we know that you will, too! Don’t worry, Gas Maskers. We’ve already added this track to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week.

Check out “Pushing All My Friends Away” right here and head over to social media to share your thoughts on Quinn’s latest track: @GasMaskMagazine.