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Queen M8: “NYC”

By: Meech Justice
May 08, 2020

Pull out your masks and bikes, because Queen M8 is about to have you wanting to hit the streets! The latest single called “NYC” is the perfect ride along song for any outing, check it out below!

“I’ve been looking for you, I’ve been waiting…” Queen M8 sings on the newly released single “NYC.” Turn your speakers up when listening to this one. The percussion is sickening! The bass hitting production along with the smooth and soothing vocals makes “NYC” a dream. As a NY native, Queen M8 has captured the imagery and emotion of the entire city in one song. From the moment you press play, you feel a rush of energy and adrenaline through your veins. If I were home (in NY) and not in a pandemic, I would put on my helmet and cruise the “NYC” streets to this tune. Queen M8 has a hit on their hands, check out the radio friendly jam below. Tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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