PRIZM: “You Should Know”

By: Meech Justice
April 15, 2020

Brace yourself for 90s pop perfection! PRIZM has a hit on their hands with this one. β€œYou Should Know” is the brand new pop anthem from the girl duo.

So cute, so catchy, so classy! That’s what β€œYou Should Know” about this song (see what we did there?). This fun-filled pop friendly beat, and 90s inspired vocal sound, is exactly what the world needs right now. PRIZM brings us positive vibes like never before with iridescent vocal tones and a glitzy polished sound. We appreciate the energy that the song brings simultaneouslyβ€”synth vibes abound! Yes, they might be instructing their lovers on how to deal with their hearts but nonetheless they’re having fun with it. So you should too! Scroll on down and check out the hottest pop song to come through your speakers from the duo, PRIZM! Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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