Prints of Monaco:Β  “New Ways”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 14, 2022

Prints of Monaco is reminiscing about days gone by with their new single “New Ways.” 

The band describes their music as “sadboysongs” and their latest definitely fits the bill.  The guitar open and soothing, ethereal vocals provide a somber sound and set the tone for the melancholy that lies ahead in the lyrics.  “New Ways” is a contemplative song that describes a lost love.  Winter brings out the loneliness.  It triggers the emotions that were felt and can’t seem to be forgotten. 

Amongst all the sadness, there is also a sense of accountability in with lines like “I try to keep my word” and “When I’m holding tight to those vows, problems occur.”  The song takes the listener to a place of heartache with the hope that there will be a “new way” for the exes to reconnect.

The video for “New Ways” features black and white footage of trains and bridges with overlaid videos of couples spending time together. 

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