Preztone: “Come Closer”

By: Fay Rose
July 16, 2021

The catching intro of guitar strings that leads to a burst of synth beats, immediately drew me into “Come Closer.” I was hooked in and eager to see what more this song had to offer.

Turns out “Come Closer” had a lot more to offer with its unique array of sounds and poppy lyrics. The dance tune has a tropical, feel good vibe that makes for a lively listening experience.

Belgium-born Preztone began as an entrepreneur who started a lounge bar that turned into a dancing club where he became a DJ. Besides spinning tunes, Preztone also became a successful model. Then the Covid 19 pandemic hit and changed everything. This lead Preztone to fulfill his long-held dream of creating music of his own.

The result is “Come Closer,” the second single to emerge from Preztone’s new musical journey. His first album is expected for release later this year.