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Praytell: “Better Together”

By: Blaire Cache
November 15, 2018

Who better than a married duo to tell you that things are better together? Check out what we thought of Praytell’s new release.

Chicago based duo Praytell has a beautiful love story of their own; and they took their story to paper with their track “Better Together”. Chalked full of impressive harmonies, bright tones and passionate rhythms, “Better Together” is a song that will makes you believe in love during the moments where it is difficult to. We love the lofty melodies and sky high notions that “Better Together” lifts you up to. Whether it’s because of their sheer vocal abilities or impressive musical prowess, we completely agree that Praytell is better together and know that you will be falling in love with this song (and them) in no time! Purchase your copy on iTunes today!

Watch the official music video for “Better Together” below, and be sure to hit us up with your thoughts on social media: @GasMaskMagazine.