Polar Youth ft. Georgie Allen: “All Night”

By: James Brookes
July 24, 2018

Prepare yourself to be up ALL NIGHT listening to the latest from Polar Youth.

Featuring lovely and iridescent vocals from Georgie Allen, we find ourselves lost in the glimmer of great pop musicality. Polar Youth has released a new track titled, “All Night,” and we really can’t seem to put it down. Produced by Polar Youth & DJ Fresh, the hooky melodies and chorus grabs are everything we look for in a commercial track. HOWEVER, the beauty of this song is the fact that it was put together so creatively, it doesn’t come close to anything out in a cookie-cutter commercial shape. We can’t get enough of the originality!

Listen to “ALL NIGHT” on our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. Our you can stream the track below! 

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