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PLASTY: “Stuck In The Stars”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 16, 2020

Los Angeles-based neo-disco duo PLASTY have convinced us that Studio 54-era glam is back and better than ever with their new groovy track, “Stuck in the Stars.”

It’s sunny with a chance of glitter showers in PLASTY’s world and we are prepared to soak up every second of Chloe Demetria and Adrian Hibbs’s star power. In “Stuck in the Stars,” Demetria’s vocal prowess is on full display as she embodies the swagger and the attitude of a 70’s club darling. “Just another night in sequin tights/Head in the clouds workin’ 9 to 5,” Demetria sings showing us that behind the glittery exterior is a hard-working go-getter. Adrian Hibbs, a Panic! At the Disco alum, has created a bouncing rhythm saturated with funky instrumentals and 80’s-inspired synths for Demetria’s vocals to smoothly glide across. 

Filled with opulent imagery and retro musical elements, PLASTY has created a glittering nostalgic masterpiece built for the modern club scene. It might just be physically impossible for you to not tap your toes or at least bob your head a bit when you listen to this addictively catchy tune. This song is a sweet escape from the everyday that takes your imagination straight to the dance floor. You may or may not have the willpower to keep yourself from buying 6-inch platform heels and gold bell-bottoms after listening to this track. After just one spin of “Stuck in the Stars” you’ll see that disco is certainly not dead. 

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