Planet Case: “Take My Pride”

May 14, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Planet Case is bursting with talent and passion in their newest release, โ€˜Take My Pride.โ€™

That opening guitar set the tone for the entire song, really. Something risky, with an unorthodox tune. Their bio lists them as โ€˜Alt Rock/Pop/โ€™ and Iโ€™m reminded of a joke I heard in school; anything that doesnโ€™t fit easily into a specific genre but is catchy and appealing is tagged as โ€˜Pop.โ€™ In the case of Rock that doesnโ€™t try-hard its way onto a specific rack at the record shop, itโ€™s labeled โ€˜Altโ€™ with a shrug. Planet Case has something special, their sound, their spirit, all of it, impressed me and has plenty to offer.

Genre and industry critiques aside, this is one of the few songs that had a special spark in it that made me an instant fan. I mentioned passion earlier, and that is the simplest way to describe every element of the bandโ€™s performance. Where often in โ€˜popโ€™ you get a phoned in performance that is given a little falsetto and shout to give the impression of emotional investment, I felt every syllable sung in this track. The vocalist has a bright and wonderful tone that doesnโ€™t try to stay within a narrow track to avoid upsetting the manufactured instrumental accompaniment. Heโ€™s a frontman, heโ€™s a singer, and heโ€™s amped to be performing with his band, making their music. Thereโ€™s investment, thereโ€™s pride (no pun intended).

The instrumentals and the mix are partners in this musical endeavor, rather than servants or masters. Instead of being the core focus with a vocalist tossed in for some kind of ersatz structure for casual listeners, the backing is integral to the sound, to the spirit. The โ€˜Popโ€™ element of their labeling comes in here, however, as the production is crisp and definitely worked to its full effect to glide along the more traditional instruments.

About the only part of their tag Iโ€™ll agree with is โ€˜Altโ€™ as in โ€˜Alternative.โ€™ This is something new and fresh, an alternative to the organ-grinder parade of samey, uninterested, formulaic music that gets pumped into our shopping malls, dentistโ€™s offices, small-town radio stations and โ€˜top suggestionsโ€™ lists. Take a chance, become a fan like I did. You wonโ€™t regret it.