Pipo Fernandez ft. Elise Go:  “To Say Goodbye”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 17, 2021

Pipo Fernandez and Elise Go express that it’s hard “To Say Goodbye” in their latest single.  The song is a sweet sounding duet about the struggle to maintain a long distance relationship.   

The beautiful harmonies help convey the feeling of love while also touching on the pain the two people are going through to try to make it work.

 Fernandez and Go are friends who both shared a similar experience in their separate relationships.  As a result, they collaborated to write the music and the lyrics to the song.  The two Berklee College of Music classmates also produced the track.  Go shared their thought process in creating the song on her YouTube page writing, “When Pipo & I wrote this song, we were both going through difficult long distance relationships. This song is a culmination of those honest feelings, featuring acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and orchestral elements.”  After years of working on the track both at school and via Skype, the two finally added the finishing touches and have also released a lyric video. 

The lyric video for “To Say Goodbye” showcases Fernandez’s passion for Polaroid photography.

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