Pineo & Loeb ft. Liinks & Kayo: “Free”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 28, 2020

If you haven’t heard the dynamic sounds of the award winning group Pineo & Loeb, then their latest single “Free” is a great way to introduce you to the high energy Canadians. Check out the Liinks & Kayo assisted jam below.

“Free” is THE song of the summer, for 2021 (this summer has been cancelled due to RONA) ! The way this song makes you want to dance, you can’t help but feel “Free.” This funky tune is just like another DJ Khaled record, where the song is created and orchestrated by the producers and features some talented artist(s). In this scenario it works very well for all parties. My favorite part of this song, aside from Kayo’s vocals is the trumpet solo dance break. It’s so good that they give it to listeners more than once. I’m so glad I pressed play, I think you will be too! Go head and check out Pineo & Loeb featuring Liinks & Kayo on the uplifting hit that is “Free.”