PIB:  “Luvstruck”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 10, 2022

PIB’s latest release will have you “Luvstruck.” 

The single exudes the euphoric feeling of being in love.  The feel-good dance track has an invigorating club beat.  The intro starts off slow but once the vocals kick in, the energy level soars.  The song hits like a lightning bolt.  The cheerful vocals add a sweetness to the track. 

French producer PIB collaborated with singer Crooked Bangs (aka PollyAnna) for the vocals on the track.  PIB is not only a talented artist, he is also the founder of the Pet Alert network which helps reunite families with their lost pets. 

In keeping with his love of animals, he is donating much of the streaming royalties from his music to dog and cat charities. 

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