Peter Lake:Β  “Shadow Games”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
February 3, 2022

Peter Lake is playing “Shadow Games” with his new single. 

The man known for his privacy is keeping things in the dark in the song as well.  With lines like “Night lights off today” and “Gotta peel off all these layers just to see me,” Lake shares his affection for secrecy.  Despite the mystique, his vocals are crisp, expressing every word.  His mellow tone echoes through the mind.  The upbeat music lightens up the track and gives off fun, ’80’s vibes.

“Shadow Games” is one of three songs off of Lake’s latest EP entitled Blue.  

Lake likes to keep his anonymity in order to put the focus on his art.  Fans of his music will only be able to catch him perform live through a Metaverse platform (there’s that secrecy thing again).  Not much is known about him other than that he’s a Canadian singer-songwriter who lives in New York City.  Even on his Instagram, his eyes are always covered with goggles.

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