Paulis Eye: “Gypsy Girl”

By: Princess Carroll
November 03, 2020

“Gypsy Girl” is the perfect answer to your anxious day. 

The new single hails from Paulis Eye. Its mellow sound is a great soundtrack for life’s everyday moments- from homework to office work. With no vocals, the emphasis is all on the instrumentation, allowing the band’s talents to shine. The track’s dreamy opening launches us on a psychedelic journey led by superb guitar performances. “Gypsy Girl” definitely stands out from the pack!

Paulis Eye & The Universe (Paulis Eye for short) is based in Oakland, CA. With tracks like “Love Fruit” and “Electric Dynamite”, the band is known for psychedelic hits. “Gypsy Girl” is the newest single from their EP Frequency Axis, just released in August! Prior to their EP, Paulis Eye released several live performances including Live At Ivy Room Albany in 2019. 

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