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Paula Jivén: “What are You Hungry For?”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
October 08, 2021

Paula Jivén wants to know “What Are You Hungry For” with her new track. 

The song is the debut single for the 17-year-old Swedish singer.  She may be just teenager, but her young age isn’t reflected in her music.  She touches on serious topics and expresses them in creative ways.  Jivén’s song leaves the listener hungry for more.

“What Are You Hungry For?” is a haunting perspective of a person’s struggle.  The hypnotic music is enhanced by Jivén’s delicate and ethereal vocals.  Jivén wrote the song about a friend’s battle with an eating disorder.  She said, “’What Are You Hungry For?’ came from watching someone who was so sick, and not being able to help them.”  She added, “So many girls starve themselves because they think they’re not good enough, and I want them to know that hurting yourself is never the way.”

Check out Paula Jivén’s first video, “What Are You Hungry For?,”

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