Paul Weinfield x Barton Stanley: “The Walls Of An Old City”

By: Eric Reyes
April 28, 2021

I found it hard to write about this song. Often, I would just let it play and close my eyes. It really took quite some time before I could put digital pen to digital paper and type this out.

I was just lost, mesmerized. Lulled, might be the most correct word to use but it has a feeling of deception and โ€˜The Walls Of An Old Cityโ€™ is too honest for that.

The moment Paul Weinfield plucks and strums that acoustic guitar, you feel yourself relax. And then Barton Stanley Davidโ€™s voice coos and wavers across the airwaves, and youโ€™re adrift in a sea of sound as bright and shimmering as his tone.

This Indie Folk pairing has brought it home. The track speaks volumes, keeping to the genreโ€™s poetic storytelling. Youโ€™re not just listening to someone with a passably pleasing voice say platitudes or universally appealing nothings over generic instrumentals that keep pace and drag you along to the end. Youโ€™re being spoken to. A painting of words and imagery is being crafted for you, just close your eyes, listen, and enjoy.

A lyrical journey across time and metaphor of two old hands who built something grand and lasting together, though they did not share in their creationโ€™s longevity.

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