Paul Oska: “So Long, My Lonely Ghost”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
August 17, 2020

Musician Paul Oska has chills running down our spines with his haunting new song, β€œSo Long, My Lonely Ghost.”

It has been eight years since Oska released his last EP, β€œUrban Hermit,” but now the brooding artist is back and moodier than ever. Returning with a full slate of talented musicians, Oska’s new, well-rounded sound features a weeping orchestra of string instruments. The artist’s signature breathy-meets-smoky vocals and textured acoustic riffs have grown richer over the years and sink deeper into your soul with each listen. 

The artist’s dark and somber lyricism will instantly reel you in and leave you hungering for more.  β€œSo long, my lonely ghost/I’ve lost all hope/I cannot lie,” Oska rumbles in the chorus. Despite the melancholy tone of this song, we can’t help but imagine a pair of spirits waltzing together to this mesmerizing track. The warm, ambient instruments swirling the background let us see Oska’s poetic, visercal songwriting about death and time in a new light. Oska’s unique blend of folk and classical arrangements give this impressionistic ballad an innate sense of intimacy. β€œSo Long, My Lonely Ghost” is Oska’s latest masterpiece, and we hope to see more immersive tracks like this from the talented musician in the future.

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