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Paul Hernandez: “Highs And Lows”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 3, 2021

Just like the title suggests, Paul Hernandez’s “Highs and Lows” has its ups and downs. 

Hernandez’s changes in tempo and vocal style alter the mood of the song throughout.  The track starts out with ethereal vocals before the lyrics start and turn into a rap. 

The song is about living through the good and bad and learning from it.  Relationships have their ups and downs, but it’s what a person gets out of it that’s important.  Hernandez commented on the track on his Facebook page saying, “The highs and lows are opportunities we grow through. Things just didn’t happen to you they happened for you.” 

The Vancouver based singer is a jack of all trades when it comes to his music.  He sings, produces, writes, engineers and markets his songs.  He even wrote a book about the music industry that is currently available on Amazon entitled How to Sell Your Music Online (For Newbies and Old Timers).  

Music fans may also know Hernandez from his work under his former artist name, Dezcry. 

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