Pamela Hopkins x Jason Lee Campbell:Β  “One More Last Kiss”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
January 7, 2022

Pamela Hopkins and Jason Lee Campbell have a good thing going with their new single, “One More Last Kiss.”  The emotionally driven country track expresses the feelings of lovers who are afraid they might not see each other again.  They know that having an affair is wrong, but want to take advantage of the time that they have together.

The guitar open sets the tone for the passion-filled, guilt-ridden entanglement.  Hopkins’ honest vocals beautifully confess the truth behind the lyrics.  Campbell echoes her sentiments as their voices entwine for the chorus.  The powerful duet conveys the undeniable bond described in the lyrics.  

Hopkins couldn’t help but tout Campbell and the others behind the track in an Instagram post saying, “I had this idea and I am SO blessed to be surrounded by a team of great co-writers that help me bring my ideas to song form.  I am so excited for y’all to hear Jason Lee Campbell on this track as well…I LOVE his voice.”  “One More Last Kiss” was co-written by Hopkins, Dave Lenahan and Melissa Leigh and produced by PT Houston and Andy Wallis.

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