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Paco Versailles: “Black and White”

By: Meech Justice
March 27, 2020

Have a hard time making decisions? Well listening to Paco Versailles newest song “Black and White” shouldn’t be one of them. We love it and you will too, take a scroll and press play.

From the disco infused beats to the fiesta felt instruments and the subtle handclaps in the background; this jam is everything you need and more. “It’s always black and white in my mind,” Paco softly sings before the beat drops and you enter the galaxy. If everything is only black and white then why is this song so colorful. We love all the elements Paco is serving to us on this musical silver platter. “Black and White” is the perfect song for any art galleria and possibly your local skating rink. There are so many possibilities when listening to Paco Versailles’ most recent release. We can’t stop listening to it, press play below and see if you can’t either.

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