P.O.E.: “Shadows”

By: Travis Ram
April 26, 2018

P.O.E is bumping up the contrast on some shadows this week. Brace yourself, Gas Maskers!

Music producer Paul Omland, flying under the acronym P.O.E, has released a track that brings new shades of beauty to EDM. It is such a treat when this mysterious artist drops a new track, and we know every time he does, we will love it. P.O.E’s new single, aptly titled β€œShadows,” is composed of dark and light contrasts both vocally and electronically. With dramatic builds and deep drops, it paints lush hills and valleys within. The haunting vocal quality and almost aquatic sounding tones make this truly a beautiful and soul shaking composition. Although it’s hard to even say this song was composed, as it almost sounds as if it was designed architecturally. We simply can’t get enough of β€œShadows” this week, and you won’t be able to either. Stream the track on our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist today, or listen below!

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