By: Tiare Pito
July 07, 2023

One Violin Orchestra is an audio program developed by European artist Nora Kudrjawizki. A seamless blend of voice, violin, beat boxing and a loop station, the musical talent is absolutely astounding. Kudrjawizki has just released her newest single through One Violin Orchestra, and we are obsessed! “My Love” is a sweet romantic tune with a sound so simultaneously unique and addictive, it is sure to put a smile on even the sourest of faces!

The story is sweet as cherries, with a light hearted tune to match. “My Love” inspires feelings of light and warmth. The perfect listen for when you are having a bad day, we love the positive energy that “My Love” brings.

With stunning vocals and an amazing sound, we are all the more impressed with the unique creation process behind “My Love”! Despite juggling so many musical elements on her own- even live at her gigs- Kudrjawizki still manages to pull the song together seamlessly and create a very uplifting, enjoyable listening experience. We look forward to new releases from One Violin Orchestra, and the talent that will continue to be shared!

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