On The Outside: “How Beautiful”

By: Eric Reyes
March 02, 2021

With absolutely no sarcasm intended, I thought boy bands were a thing of the past. Then On The Outside slid into my DM’s and dissuaded me.

Cleverly produced, the track checks all the necessary boxes for musical heart-throbs, and some extrasas well. Soaring, layered, harmonious vocals that keep up the pressure, check. Appealing, heartfelt lyrics,check. A direct message of acceptance and yearning, check check check.

There is little time spent beating around the bush, lyrically. With an intriguing intro of nervous, anxious apologies from young girls that would be at home in any era, the boys take us by the hand and let us know that apologies aren’t necessary. There’s nothing to apologize for. And we really need to know just what we mean to them. Swoon.

Don’t miss out on this act.

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