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Olivia Penalva: “Love Me”

By: Eric Reyes
March 10, 2021

Longevity on the Pop scene is a difficult bit of magic that many attempt and few manage.

Canadian songstress Olivia Penalva has been at the grindstone since the age of 13, topping charts in her home turf and now making her mark on the international music scene.

Catchy, light, unburdened by studio interference, Love Me, her latest single to hit the airwaves, charms and entertains. Olivia Penalva wields her vocal range effectively here. While not stressing the boundaries of her reach, bursting at the seams to impress through effort and strain, her consistent and steady vocal quality does a lot of the heavy lifting here. There’s an ease and grace to it that shows her comfort in her genre and in her individual voice. The backing is a splendid mix of claps, hi-hats, crisp trills and occasional echoing shouts that act to punctuate rather than overindulge or fill space.

Olivia Penalva has been working at her style, her craft, for some time, and that steady, focused work shows here.

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