Olivia Adams: “I’m Lost”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

We have the pleasure of introducing you to your newest dance addiction, Olivia Addams’ “I’m Lost.”

With a mixture of Eastern-European and Arabic instrumental and rhythm influences, this song hits hard and doesn’t stop! Olivia Addams’ unique voice works well with the arrangement, a captivating, sometimes chilling, performer. With a seductive beat and an aggressively built tempo throughout, this track will have you on your feet. The core lyrical hook plays so well that it just rolls of the tongue, making it even easier for you to get caught up in the song. Her vocal work in this track feels mysterious, distant, hinting at something beyond the words, and before she gives you the key, the beat drops and you’re lost in the music. 

We barely had time to complete this review, we were listening to it so much! So turn out the lights, kick up the bass, and enjoy!

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