OLI: “Think About It”

May 23, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

This song feels like you’re sinking into a very deep, enveloping cloud of the softest fabric imaginable as you take deep drags from something that gives you chills and warms you from your core out while someone plays a slideshow of β€˜blink and you’ll miss it’ memories on the ceiling above you. Admittedly, that last bit of the run-on sentence is influenced by the music video for this track, but still, solid image that complimented the vibe of the track.

OLI entrances with her latest release, β€˜Think About It.’

Her voice has a beautiful strength to it that takes you by the hand early on and guides you through the song’s haunting melody. Utilizing echoes to bring a chilling solemnity to her voice, it’s less a trick to enhance than it is to underscore, emphasize. The strength in her tone makes the vulnerable lyrics and her exasperated β€˜a rose is a rose is a rose’ repetition feel all the more heartfelt. We’re inside her head, the faces she’s seen in passing over the years, incorporated into her dreams and memories to fill the blank places where faces should go that her brain scrubbed to make room for all the other, important, uncomfortable memories. We are the audience, at once witnesses and unwelcome guests. But we can’t help but hear her thoughts, laid out so succinctly and beautifully before us.

Contemplative but without the sense of defeat or sleepy apathy some artists rely on for stylistic reasons, her vocals compliment the simple, straightforward nature of the lyrics. Working alongside her to great effect is the mix. With a piano accompaniment that never truly leaves us but cedes the stage to her vocals and the driving electronic mix towards the middle of the track and onward, its presence is a firm, orienting influence on the sound. It surrounds you, like you’re in a room built to capture and translate the sound into skin-prickling vibrations. The horn and sax that elbow their way into the jazzy break towards the climax of the track are an interesting audio diversion that still stays within the style and vibe of the track overall.