Of Monsters and Men: “Alligator”

By: James Brookes
May 15, 2019

It’s got a thumping pulse that’s ready to kick ass and take names. The latest release from Of Monsters and Men will have you craving more! Listen below, Gas Maskers.

The melodic groove on this tune will have you hungry for more and pressing the repeat button. Titled, “Alligator” we find ourselves lost in the trance of energetic vocals and glittering guitars. The new release from Of Monsters and Men is truly indie rock music at its finest. In fact, you can’t hear this track without thinking about the live performance and the hell of a show you know they’re going to hit the stage with it! Lucky for you, we’ve added this tune to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. Stream the track below and drop us a line on social media. We want to know what you think of it! @gasmaskmagazine.