Of Monsters and Men: “Alligator” OFFICIAL VIDEO

By: Jared Free
August 10, 2019

You already know that we love Of Monsters and Men’s latest single, “Alligator.” But their official video takes it to a whole different level!

If you’re a fan of creepy, vibey, aesthetics, this is the video for you. Our review of the song highlighted the thumping pulse, energetic vocals and stunning guitar, but the video adds a new dimension to the song. Set in a eerie hotel of sorts, the video makes use of creepy masks and strange props to tell the story of something monstrous. We all have a mask on, hiding what’s underneath, and this video shows how frightening what’s underneath could be. Give it a look below, and tell us what your favorite moment is. We’ll be listening on twitter and Instagram at @gasmaskmagazine.

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